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We provide remote & onsite technical support services for windows computer users.
Titan provides easy access low cost repair solutions by certified computer technicians.


View our support plans below and select "Buy Now" for the one you would like to purchase.
 The subscription plan offers huge  savings on the cost of repairs.

                            STEP 2.

After you've made a payment click the black chat  link on the right  side of the screen. Please provide your information in the chat box. The support agent will provide you with a 9-digit "SESSION ID" CODE that looks like this 125-856-789

                            STEP 3.

After the agent has provided you with the 9-dight session code, copy it, or write it down. Once you have clicked the support download link below, it will open a new zoho window.  You will need to enter the 9-digit session code.


After entering the 9-digit code  in
the  box, click on  "JOIN SESSION". You will then  need to download the support app. This allows support to securely connect to start resolving the issue

Remote Support Download

Remote support download

 The support agent will provide you with a 9-digit "SESSION ID" CODE that looks like this 125-856-789 enter it in the new zoho window as requested then click on "JOIN SESSION" an agent will then remotely connect to your PC

Quick Clean Pc Download

If you have selected the quick clean PC boost, click the circle to download the app and install. A support agent will begin boosting your computers performance.

Remote Pc Cleaning service

boost computer performance

  • Remote Cloud based cleaning agent
  • cleans files in hard to reach places
  • restores speed and performance
  • updates windows operating system
  • cleans windows registry file
  • cleans all user profiles
    we even check for suspicious software


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Remote Support

1 Remote session or mail in service

  • 1 time remote repair session
  •  if the problem cant be fixed receive a full refund no risk instantly
  • consultation for cause of problem
  • recovery option for preventative problems
  • file system C Leaning included 
  • updates and patches included


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Remote Support Advanced

Monthly Subscription Service

$49.99 to start and just 19.99 per month
Best deal around

  • Everything included with the first two options plus protection for a full year
  • add other computers for a discount with your plan for just 19.99 to start and 15.99 per month
  • mail in repair just $25.00 no matter what the problem is


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